NAT Biology Online Practice Exam


Exam Name: NAT (Biology)
Subject / Discipline:  Biology 
Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions
Total Questions: 30
Pass Percentage 50%
Time: 20 Minutes
Level: National Aptitude Test


Welcome to your NAT Biology

Which of the following is the structural and functional unit of life

How many of the Bio-elements constituent 99% of the total human body

Which is an organic molecule

Which is not a macro molecule

The Elements found in living organisms are known as

Organisms which are very similar and have a tendency of inbreeding are called

 The number of naturally occurring chemical elements is

The part of earth inhabited by living organisms and non-living components is called

 Branch of biology which deals with structure of organisms, the cells and their organelles at molecular level is

 Identify the disease which (till now) do not have vaccine

The general formula of carbohydrate

Carbohydrates in the cell combine with protein and a resultant compound is called.

Carbohydrates are also called saccharides, derived from

All carbons in a monosaccharide have a hydroxyl group except

 The sugar which is sweet in taste, easily soluble in water and cannot hydrolyzed into simpler sugar is called

The general formula of monosaccharides is

Chemically carbohydrates are Polyhydroxy of

 Which of the following is not an organic compound

Primary source of carbohydrates are

Large organic compounds such as cellulose, fats and proteins are generally

Enzymes involved in the synthesis of protein are integral part of

The catalytic activity of enzymes restricted to a small protein of the structure known as

In enzymatic reactions, the reactant is called

If non-protein part is loosely attached with the substrate then it is called

Non-protein part of amino acids is known as

If the non-protein part is covalently bonded, it is known as

Which of the following are metal ions used as a co-factor

Enzymes are compose of

An activated enzyme consisted of a polypeptide chain and a co-factor is known as

In case of enzymes the detachable co-factor is called

Cell wall of plant cells consists of

Cell membrane helps to take in liquid material is called.

In animal cells, cell membranes help to take in materials by in folding in the form of vacuole is called

The structural and functional unit of life is called

Primary wall is composed of

Which statement about prokaryotic cells is true

Prokaryotic cell wall lacks

Chemically 2ndary cell wall composed of

Who discovered the presence of nucleus in the cell?

According to five kingdom system the prokaryotic unicellular organisms are placed in

Viruses are recognized as a particles of nucleic often with a

Plants prepare their own food from simple inorganic material & stored energy there fore, these are called

Each kingdom is divided into smaller groups called

Scientific name of Amaltas is

The branch of science which deals with the study of virus is known as

The word virus is associated with

Recent system of classification, the five kingdom system was proposed by

Phylum are divided into

In Linnaeus’s system each species has a scientific name comprising of

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