NAT Verbal Chemistry Online Practice Exam


Exam Name: NAT (Chemistry)
Subject / Discipline:  Chemistry 
Exam Type: Multiple Choice Questions
Total Questions: 30
Pass Percentage 50%
Time: 20 Minutes
Level: National Aptitude Test


Welcome to your NAT Verbal Chemistry Test 1

The percentage of oxygen in NaOH is

How many moles of Helium gas occupy 22.4 L at 0°C at 1 atm. Pressure?

 1 mole of CH4 contains

 If Na is Avogadro’s number, then number of valence electrons in 4.2 g of nitride ions N³ is

2g of oxygen contains number of atoms equal to that in

 Which of the following has least mass?

The total number of protons in 10 g of calcium carbonate is (N0 = 6.023 x 10²³)

The Number of oxygen atoms in 4.4 g of CO2 is approximately

What quantity of limestone (CaCO3) on heating will give 56kg of CaO?

The number of atoms contained in 11.2 L of SO2 at S.T.P. are

Which one is not usually used for the crystallization?

Which one is the property of an ideal solvent

The pore size of the filter paper depends upon

During the folding of filter paper the apex form angle of about

Which of the following related to Qualitative analysis?

Gooch crucible is used for the filtration of precipitates having

 If the solvent is inflammable for heating purpose we use

Which of the following process is used to separate insoluble particles from liquids?

Gooch crucible used to filter the solution of

By using the fluted filter rate of filtration is

The weight of 11.2 liters of CO2 at S.T.P. would be

One mole of a gas refers to

The kinetic theory of gases predicts that total kinetic of a gaseous assembly depends on

Wt. of 112 m1 of oxygen at NTP on liquefaction would be

The number of atoms in 0.004 g of magnesium is close to

Which of the following statement is correct if the intermolecular force in liquids A, B and C are in the order A < B < C?

The relative rates of diffusion of a gas (Mol. Wt. = 98) as compared to hydrogen will be

The total pressure exerted by a number of non reacting gases is equal to the sum of partial pressure of the gases under the same condition is known as

The relative rate of diffusion of a gas (molecular weight = 128) as compared to oxygen is

The vapour density of a gas is 11.2. the volume occupied by 11.2g of this gas at N.T.P is

 Ionic solids with defects, contain

In a crystal a ? b ? c, a = ? = 90° and ß ? 90°. It is

Potassium crystallizes with a

In crystal structure of sodium chloride, the arrangement of Cl ions is

The pure crystalline substance on being heated gradually first forms a turbid liquid at constant temperature and still at higher temperature turbidity completely disappears. The behavior is a characteristic of substance forming

Crystal can be classified in to ……. Basic crystal habits

How many kinds of space lattices are possible in a crystal?

The ratio of close packed atoms to tetrahedral holes in cubic close packing is

Which of the following is an example of body centered cube?

 Bragg’s law is given by equation

The ratio of the ionization energy of H and Be³? is

Which quantum number is sufficient to describe the electron is hydrogen atom?

When electrons revolve in stationary orbits

The credit of discovering neutron goes to

with increasing principle quantum number, the energy difference between adjacent energy levels in H atom

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